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Capt. Brett Wilson with a 1200 lb bluefin tuna caught aboard the Hindsight in 2015

Capt. Brett Wilson above with a 1200 lb giant bluefin tuna.

With over 140 giant bluefin tuna caught since 2015, Capt. Brett Wilson and the crew of the Hindsight are truly among the "high liners" of the commercial bluefin tuna fleet.

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Hindsight Sportfishing is proudly sponsored by Pure Fishing, Penn, Costa, Raymarine, and Fishworks

The Hindsight's first mate, Rich Emerson, with a giant bluefin tuna

First mate aboard the Hindsight is Captain Rich Emerson, shown above with a 600 lb giant bluefin tuna caught on George's Bank.

The Crew of Hindsight Sportfishing

Capt. Brett Wilson

Captain Brett Wilson with a beautiful Cape Cod Bay striped bassCapt. Brett Wilson is a second generation fisherman. His father had a fishing charter boat out of Rock Harbor for over 20 years. He started as a mate on his father's boat at the age of 10 years old. He mated on many different boats, in many fisheries, gaining a diverse knowledge of the ocean, the many species of fish, and how to truely run a boat. At the age of 18, Brett received his captain's license. With his license in hand, Capt. Brett headed to the Florida Keys, where he furthered his career mating for some of the best captains in the world.

In the Florida Keys, he had the opportunity to mate and captain several boats. This allowed him to gain a whole new knowledge of a distinctly different fishing environment.

To this day, Brett fishes over 300 days per year. During the winter months, he captains fishing charters as well as sailfish tournament teams. During the summer months, he is on the Hindsight in Cape Cod running charters fishing for bluefin tuna, striped bass and bluefish. When fall rolls around, Brett is a commercial fisherman for giant bluefin tuna. Then it's back to Florida to start the tournament sailfish season again!

Notable Achievements:

60 Giants in a season...Twice! (500 Lb Average)
35 Top 3 Finishes in Sailfish / Dolphin Tournaments

Capt. Buddy Wilson aboard the HindsightCapt. Buddy Wilson

Captain Buddy Wilson has been a Cape Codder since the late 1940's. Fishing for the last 68 years, starting with an 8' pram, and most recently the 40' "High Calibre", Capt. Buddy Wilson has worked the waters of Cape Cod Bay, specializing in striped bass, bluefish, and flounder, out of Rock Harbor.
Capt. Buddy Wilson continues to fish, running charters out of Rock Harbor with his son, Capt. Brett Wilson, aboard the "Hindsight".

Captain Rich Emerson

Captain Rich Emerson was born and raised about 100 feet from Rock Harbor, Orleans, Cape Cod, MA. Fishing is in his blood, is his number one passion, and he has been doing it since he was old enough to hold a rod. He is well known as the guy that will go the extra mile in any scenario to ensure the best possible experience for his customers.

Capt Rich Emerson with a nice giant bluefin tuna caught aboard the Hindsight!Rich is a 3rd generation fisherman, and has been a fixture at Rock Harbor since he could walk. He began working on his family's charter boat out of Rock Harbor when he was just 5 years old. By the time he was 10 years old, he held a full time mating position, working the waters of Cape Cod Bay, out of Rock Harbor, chasing big striped bass and bluefish. His entire life is, and has always been, dedicated to learning and fishing the waters around Cape Cod. From striped bass and bluefish, to sea bass, and the mighty bluefin tuna, Rich has caught them all, and continues to fine tune his techniques.

Captain Patrick "Woody" Wood

Captain Woody Wood with a Georges Bank giant bluefin tuna!Capt. Woody Wood has been fishing all of his life. He has been fishing Buzzards Bay and Cape Cod Bay since he was 9 years old when his family moved to Cape Cod.

Woody started working as a mate in Rock Harbor when he was 13, honing his fishing skills while learning the Bay. For over 13 years, Captain Woody Wood has been fishing with Capt. Brett Wilson. As a member of the Hindsight team, his knowledge and skill is an invaluable asset.

Fishing is truly in Woody's blood. He has been known to work a 12 hour fishing charter, or reel in a thousand pound bluefin tuna, then immediately go freshwater or beach fishing with his family upon his return.