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Capt. Brett Wilson with a 1200 lb bluefin tuna caught aboard the Hindsight in 2015

Capt. Brett Wilson above with a 1200 lb giant bluefin tuna.

With an estmated 1,000 giant bluefin tuna caught as of 2023, Capt. Brett Wilson and the crew of the Hindsight are truly among the "high liners" of the commercial bluefin tuna fleet.

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Hindsight Sportfishing is proudly sponsored by Pure Fishing, Penn, Costa, Raymarine, and Fishworks


Cape Cod Charter Fishing for giant bluefin tuna, school bluefin tuna, striped bass and bluefish with Hindsight Sportfishing

Nice striped bass caught in Cape Cod Bay aboard the Hindsight with Capt Brett Wilson and the crew of Hindsight Sportfishing.Hindsight Sportfishing is a full service charter company with over 49 years combined experience fishing the waters from Florida to Maine. Capt. Brett Wilson and the crew of the Hindsight specialize in the pursuit of giant bluefin tuna, both inshore and offshore. When not chasing giant bluefin, the Hindsight is hooking their clients up to school bluefin tuna, big striped bass, and bluefish in the waters of Cape Cod Bay and beyond. Primarily fishing out of Rock Harbor, in Orleans, Cape Cod, MA, the Hindsight also fishes tournaments on both sides of the Cape. The Hindsight is also available to fish the NE Canyons from ports on the south side of the Cape.

From half day charters for striped bass and bluefish on Cape Cod Bay, to three day offshore giant bluefin tuna trips (FYI - the Hindsight has put 60+ giant bluefin tuna on the deck in one year 4 times to date!), the crew at Hindsight Sportfishing can put together your dream trip. From children, to novice anglers, to the most hardcore big game enthusiasts, the Hindsight has the gear, the knowledge, and the patience to customize the trip of your dreams.

Give Captain Brett Wilson a call, or drop him a line, telling him what you would like to experience on the fishing trip of a lifetime. He will be more than happy to work with you as you plan your dream trip!

Please remember to look at the schedule when planning your trip. If you plan on fishing for striped bass and bluefish out of Rock Harbor, then you need to plan around the tides.

Hooked up to a giant bluefin tuna aboard the Hindsight!  If this is your goal, remember this, fish hard...and fish with the best!

If you are thinking about a bluefin tuna trip, either offshore, or inshore, giants or recreational, please call early in the season. These trips are very popular, and the premier dates go in a hurry. Call Capt. Brett Wilson at 305.481.1291 if you have any questions. Thanks!